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Our main objective is to help you save money. There are allot of trike manufactures to choose from. When looking for a trike kit it can be very overwhelming. We want to help educate you as well as provide inexpensive solutions. We do this by working with manufactures to combine quality components into affordable trike packages.

We offer the high quality American Made Frankenstein Trike rear end.
We have packaged it in such a way as to save you money. All of our packages include original owners documents, installation instructions and Frankenstein 1yr unlimited miles factory warranty.

By investing a little time you can save a lot of money.
Shopping locally for the additional required components, allows you the opportunity to choose what you want and save on shipping cost. Painting your own swing arm gives you the choice of color and finish and saves you the cost of the factory finish.

We currently offer these Basic Trike Packages
for Harley Davidson Sportster.

Only $3495.00 shipping included

trike kit for sportster

$3495.00 shipping included

Helpfull Information...
You will need these additional items to finish your trike...

WHEELS: Ford bolt pattern 5on4.5" 15x10 with 3.5"-4" backspacing are recommended.

TIRES: 265/50-15 are recommended.

EXHAUST: Factory exhaust will be too long when converting a bike to a trike.

SHOCKS:For this trike conversion you will have to change your stock shocks to the stiffest setting. If you plan to have 2 riders you will need to purchase new shocks. We sale Biker's Choice Shocks from Progressive Suspension.
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trike rear end


FRANKENSTEIN TRIKES 34" Light Sport Standard:
6061 T6 Billet Aluminium - Dana Differential - 9" Ford Street/Strip Axles - Sealed Bearings - 5 on 4.5 Bolt Pattern Packed with Moly EP Grease - Stainless Steel Rotor - Billet 4 Piston Caliper.

The Frankenstein Trike rear end was originally conceived to provide a custom Trike rear end that was lighter, stronger, narrower, more reliable and better looking than what was available. They introduced the 30” Hot Rod Trike rear end and custom bike builders loved it. What they didn't’t expect was the overwhelming interest from individuals who wanted to convert their stock bike into a Trike. As a result, they designed wider rear ends that are better suited for stock bike conversions.When looking closer, it’s obvious that quality and design set Frankenstein apart from their competitors. The components they use include Dana differentials, 9” Ford street/strip axles, HHI billet 4 piston calipers, stainless steel rotors, grade 8 or better hardware and 6061 T6 Billet aluminium. This company has worked very hard locating superior American Made components.

sportster with frankenstein trike kit
Pictured is a customer's trike using the Trike It Yourself Basic Package. The customer chose to use 15x8 wheels and 265/50/15 tires. The customer painted the swing arm black and left the factory shocks. To complete the look he removed the front fender. By modifying his exhaust and fabricating a bracket he was able to keep his factory exhaust. The customer found these wheels and tires locally and saved $100 over what it would cost to have them included in a kit. This customer was able to get this trike on the road for less than $4000.00. This sportster was purchased for $4500.00 making the total trike cost approx. $8500.00. You cant get into this quality of trike with any other kit or used trike for this price. sportster with frankenstein trike kit
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